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09 Feb 2010  

Windows 7RC

Hello, I too tired of having Libraries and Homegroup taking up realestate in my explorer view. I searched for and found a registry hack to get rid of them (actually "homegroup" was just settings, no reg hack). Then I discovered the downside of my boldness. For me it is that "my documents" does NOT appear by default in"open" or "save as" dialogue boxes. I have to go searching down through the whole tree for them. For example, to save a playlist from Media Player 11 I have to drill to, "C:\Users\John\Music\Playlists", and it won't return there by default the next time. (Why I'm useing MP11 is a whole 'nother story!!) I didn't save a registry backup so I don't know how to undo my "fix". If I could, Then I'd youse your registry change instead. Maybe you can help? Below is the registry hack I applied. If you can tell me how to undo it. I'll use yours. If not, well, guess I'll live with it.

My System SpecsSystem Spec