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09 Feb 2010  

Windows 7 HP x64
Losing internet connection and/or WLAN

In the last month or so, I've begun having intermittent loss of connection within my home WLAN. Wireless is HP Laptop w/ 7 HP and wired is Dell desktop w/7 HP. Even with both machines awake, they can't "see" each other. This network has been up for years, and has been fine on 7 since my upgrade in Oct. I've discovered now that if I go to the Dell and check the network settings, it says its a 'home' network, but when i click through to the change screen, the 'public' box seems highlighted. If I then click on "home", essentially reassigning the network type, everything reconnects and the network visibility is restored.

Also, perhaps a separate issue, I've been losing internet connection frequently. This happened rarely in the past when a simple modem restart sufficed. But now the only thing that works is disconnecting the actual coax from the modem as well as power cycling. Could this be related to Windows in any way? The modem is a common Motorola surfboard only about 3-4 years old....

Any thoughts?
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