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10 Feb 2010  


What program are you trying to use to rip the disc with? Any program you use to rip a disc should unless user intervention is initiated, will keep original formatting and disc size. Also I just thought of it, Tv series disc are usually dual layer or larger, so if you have intentions on burning make sure you have the appropriate type of burner...aka dual layer burner, blueray burner or what not. If not then you will want to shrink the size of your copy, this will make the quality go down some, not very noticeable unless you intend on shrinking it to half of it's size. Then you would want to try changing the format of it inorder to get it onto one disc. Say Divx, Xvid, AVI...and so on. Then your getting into programs for converting as well and there are ripping and converting programs out there. Just let us know and we will try to help you out.
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