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10 Feb 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thanks for the replies...let me clarify my situation:

I'm currently ripping the entire dvd of the series. In this case I'm using Rome as an example. Rome has 2 seasons with 6 DVD's in each season. So when I rip a DVD i'm actually getting 2 - 4 episodes per disc. My file structure is:

TV Series -> Rome - Season 1 -> Rome_S1D1 (season1 disc1) and then inside of this folder is the VIDEO_TS folder. So I'd prefer to keep the video in it's original DVD format in case I ever needed to burn it back to DVD, but I'm beginning to suspect that if I do, then I won't be able to get the metadata for each episode or synopsis.

If I download the episodes in .avi format, they are split already into individual episodes (Rome.S01E01) which I'm guessing using this format, and since they are an individual episode then MediaScout can find the correct metadata for each episode.

So to sum up, I already own the series on DVD, I just want to get it on my media server and have the correct metadata for the series as well as the synopsis for each episode. So can I do that by just ripping the ENTIRE dvd with multiple episodes per disc or will I have to rip each individual episode as a seperate file? If I do have to rip them as separate files, what's the best way?

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