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11 Feb 2010  

Windows 7
Hard drive *invisible* to Windows 7

I created a system image backup copy of my recent Windows 7 installation (including all programs and files) on an external 500GB USB-harddrive using the Windows 7 built-in *Backup and Restore* utility.
I also created a system repair disc using the same Windows 7 tool (found under Control Panel -> Backup and Restore).
These two activities seemed to work exactly as expected.

To test the restore process I took another (no OS on it, empty, in working condition) harddrive (same size, same manufacturer, but different model) and put it into my computer.

I then booted to the CD drive, with my previously created repair CD in it.

After that copies some files into RAM, I would expect to be able to restore my computer from the image on my external harddrive to the empty new internal harddrive.

That doesn't work, though - because the new (empty) harddrive is not even visible
in Windows.

I checked in BIOS - the drive is visible there perfectly.

Just not in that *mini*Windows 7 from the repair CD.

Any ideas?
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