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13 Feb 2010  

Windows 7 RC

Hello again fellows. I finally got around to doing it and after getting all the workarounds together and clicking upgrade I faced another problem.
It told me that I do not have enough space on Disk C: to perform the upgrade, and that 16GB total is required. That is true, as I only have 5 GB free out of 37. I was assuming it would replace the current files, or something, so I wouldn't need any extra space.
The problem is that it's a single hard drive - the 40 GB one, where I installed windows and most of the programs. This doesn't sound good, and... wow, this is actually worse than not good. This is pretty bad. I was wondering, though, if anyone here had any suggestions. I still don't want to do a clean install and I'm not sure why it wants 16 extra gig of space... Sigh. I doubt I can actually free THAT much.

Edit: I know this is an obvious question but... there's no way to "channel" disk space from one hard drive to another, is there? Virtually for example... Though even if it was, it wouldn't be too good of an idea anyway. Unless it does replace the original files in the end. I noticed my windows folder weighs 15 or so GB, which is about the same as the update installer requires. This points to the fact that it will weigh 16 GB after install, almost like this one, except for the install itself, it for some reason needs the 16 GB... I mean it doesn't weigh 30 GB now does it? Maybe there's a way to trick it into just going on with the install and overwriting the current windows files with it's own, thus having all the space it needs? Oh man... this is bad, real bad, I got less than a month... I do not want to spend my week off reinstalling all of my programs and games and settings... Seriously...

PS: The official Win7 site says you need 16 GB for 32 bit version and 20 GB for 64 bit. Mine is the 64 bit version. The RTM, and the RC too. The upgrade setup said it needs a total of 16 GB, which sounds like the 32 bit version, even though it's not. Maybe it doesn't need the whole 20 GB because it's only upgrading?

Still, I am convinced that it is going to overwrite the files of the RC, which is taking up 15 GB of my hard drive right now. It adds up. Maybe it's some additional programs that take up the other 4 GB. There's gotta be a way to make the setup proceed and bypass the space check. It's going to overwrite the files anyway, so it doesn't need an additional 16 GB of space. Right? ..right?
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