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14 Feb 2010  

W'7 Home Premium

Can someone PLEASE advise and HELP me........I am shortly going to have to upgrade from my Trial W'7 to a retail version. I would LOVE to be able to do this method of upgrading using a W'7 Premium Upgrade.....and do it so I don't have to reload Sound Card and Video Card Drivers and Internet settings etc.
BUT.....a fly, I fear is in dat ointment, the man who installed this W'7 RC chose to partition the 1 TB HD into three partitions, and on one of them he installed a friend's copy of W' turned out to be unuseable, so their lies around 400GB of DEAD some ways I really don't see where I will ever need that 400GB.....BUT it would be GREAT if I could re-partition and solve that problem when I do the Upgrade. I am thinking that I would proobably have to do a FULL/Clean install in order to re-partition like that - is that right? Then I would be forced to have to re-install everything again - right?

I have been shopping on and off on EBAY for FULL Retail Versions of W'7Premium and/or Upgrade versions.....which I could probably follow those instructions offered thru this forum and use a Upgrade copy, to save money, to upgrade from this W'7 Ultimate 7100 trial V.

Please advise, need all the clear and smple help I can get,

TKS michael
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