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17 Feb 2010  
poppa bear

Win7 Ultimate 64bit Retail

How to import Windows Mail Contacts, Accounts, Folders & Emails from Vista or Outlook Express to Windows Mail in Windows 7.

A) From Vista

1. Easy Method.
Emails, Folders & Accounts:
  • Show hidden folders by opening any folder and going to: Tools --> Folder Options --> View --> Dot: Show hidden file, folders and drives.
  • In Vista open: Start orb --> User Name --> AppData --> Local --> Microsoft --> Windows Mail --> Local Folders
  • Copy the entire contents of Local Folders as shown in following picture. Click on the picture to enlarge it. The codes in the accounts have been replaced with x & y for security reasons.
Windows Mail-local-folders.png

  • In Windows 7 also show hidden folders & go to: Start orb --> User Name --> AppData --> Local --> Microsoft --> Windows Mail --> Local Folders
  • Completely delete the entire contents of Local Folders as seen in the right pane of the picture above. If this is not done, any custom folders included in Vista Local Folders will not import; and there is a danger of corruption from existing files.
  • Paste the copied contents of Local Folders from Vista into the empty Windows 7 Local Folders and close folder.
  • Open WinMail.exe from desktop shortcut, and when prompted, enter your User Name/Password for your ISP.
You now have all your emails, folders and accounts set up; including custom folders.


1. Any custom made folders such as Accounts, Invoices, etc, that have been created as sub-folders of Local Folders in Vista WinMail, will only be reproduced as sub-folders in Wn7 WinMail, if they contain emails. Such custom made folders that are empty in Vista will have to be re-created manually in Win7.

2. If the whole Vista Windows Mail folder is imported from AppData, and pasted into the existing equivalent Windows Mail folder in Windows 7, it will create a new folder called "Recovered Folders" with sub-folders of Inbox, Outbox, etc. It will then be necessary to manually drag/drop the contents of each sub-folder into the sub-folders of Local Folders. And finally, delete the "Recovered Folders" folder.

It also causes a corruption which will usually auto-fix, but better not to have at all.

  • Open Start Orb --> User Name --> Contacts.
  • Drag & drop the contents of this folder onto a data USB stick
  • Drag & drop from the USB stick into the equivalent folder in Windows 7.

2. Manual Method:
  • Open WinMail.exe application on the Vista desktop.
  • In Local Folders: Drag and drop contents of each sub-folder onto a USB data stick. That is: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items & Drafts; plus any custom made sub-folders you have created, such as Accounts, Invoices, etc.
  • Open WinMail on desktop of Windows 7.
  • Drag and drop contents of Inbox, Outbox, etc, from the USB stick into the corresponding folders of Local Folders in WinMail. In Local Folders, it will be necessary to create matching sub-folders for your imported custom made folders, before you can drag/drop to them.
  • Set up email accounts manually.
B) From Outlook Express
  • Go to this post here.
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