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31 Mar 2009  

Windows 7 x64 7229
Windows Explorer Problems

I'm starting to think this is a problem with Windows, I am running build 7022 x32, and everything works fine, with a few minor things.

Basically when I copy or move files, the prompt will just freeze at 100%. It will stay like that and when I tried to click abort, cancel, etc, my CPU skyrockets to 100%(normally it's 8-30ish), and I have to close the thing with the Task Manager.

I've also tried two other file managers, so I assume it's a problem with Windows 7. I wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem before I report it to M$.

EDIT: I could see how people could think that this is a problem with my computer. I don't think it is, as this never happened on Windows Vista or XP(this is a slightly new computer as well, made in the last 6 months)
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