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23 Feb 2010  

WIN7 Professional 64-bit
I cannot view my photos in Windows 7 Explorer

I recently purchased a new 64 bit computer running Windows 7 with an AMD dual processor & immediately UpGraded to 8GB of RAM from 6GB. I also UpGraded to a 1GB graphics card & added a sweet TVtuner.

I never purchased, nor UpGraded to VISTA as I had a 5 year warranty on my last 32 bit computer purchase (thru FRY's Electronics [ACES!]). Plus, I heard too many VISTA complaints. Nevertheless, I am in Complete XP ShellShock. I am without question a stranger in a strange land. I'll spend months of days off learning my new OS. I've already DisAbled the Libraries. I had hoped DisAbling the Libraries would have resolved this to no avail.

I've read enough of these threads to realize there are scores of PCwisePPL here, so I am gambling some 1 among you might help.

For some odd reason .. I cannot view my photos in Windows 7 Explorer. All I see is .. ummm .. like a watermarked icon of the File Type, representing the photo WHERE the actual #@%$ photo represented itself in XP Windows Explorer. THIS is a NIGHTMARE .. trying to navigate among MANY 1000s of pngs, jpgs, gifs, icons.

I am the Administrator of My PC. IS There SomeWay to .. IDK .. Change Internet Properties, Change Security Settings, Tweak, or RegEdit (with Expliiicit Instructions) that Allows Me to .. VIEW .. Actual Photos, Rather than 10,000 Representations of File Types .. in W7 Explorer? The Context 'VIEW' Menu only assists me in viewing Larger or smaller file type representations, which further adds to my frustrations.

I pray I've explained this adequately W/O sounding like a NoZZleDorF. HOPEFULLY, some 1 can help me correct this without having to resort to installing a classic shell exe. I mean I DID pay for something new & plan to make W7 progress before Microsoft forces me start over with a new OS.

DaZZle-BaFFled, SUN
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