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23 Feb 2010  

7600x64 ultimate, not SP1

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unless you screwed up superfetch, W7 natively takes advantage of all the RAM. I assume you have 64-bit. with 32-bit obvioulsy it won't use more than 3.2 GB.

I think if you use Revit MEP or os, 8 GB is recommended and 12 GB probably fine. but for everyday user,it won't matter. the HDD is more a bottleneck. an SSD really speeds things up. But with superfetch and 12 GB, it already should be OK.

for new PCs with quadcore (assuming you actually use it) 8 GB is recommended, so 12 GB is not such a waste of money if you got a good deal.
I've never messed with superfetch or anything, so I'm not sure if I somehow messed it up or what. The computer is insanely fast now, but when I do splurge on an SSD I bet it will be amazing.

I've already separated the OS and programs from the rest of my data. I'm not really sure that made any difference whatsoever except from an organizing standpoint.
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