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24 Feb 2010  

Confusion: Adjust Plan Brightness

In the Power Options > Edit Plan Settings window, I notice that there is not a "never" option for Adjust Plan Brightness. There is for sleep mode, display turn-off, and display dim there are, as you can see below:

My question is -- is this dictated by Windows 7 or the computer's BIOS? I know that may sound dumb to some, and forgive me for my ignorance. But, my understanding is the computer's capability to adjust screen brightness automatically when switching from AC to battery power, or vise versa, is from the BIOS. So, would Windows 7 display an option to allow you to turn off this feature if the BIOS allowed it?

Alternatively, is there any other way to disable this feature (i.e., other power management software, graphics card settings, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.
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