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04 Mar 2010  


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MS never heard the wisdom "Do it right the first time, or don't do it at all"
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Of course, not all patches target the Windows operating system. Updates are also needed to plug security holes in the software that runs on top of the platform
As a broad analogy, the same logic can be applied to a car manufacturer.

Every new model released will have some component that is not quite up to scratch. Which is only noticed under 'real world' usage.

Usually this only affects a small percentage of vehicles but on the whole, the model range is usually fine.

These problems are rectified by recalls and not using the same part in the 2nd or 3rd series releases of that model.

The same can be said for MS patches (and other Operating Systems as well)

3rd party apps are akin to someone modifying a stock with vehicle with after market parts.

If the after market part breaks the stock vehicle, who is to blame? Not the manufacturer.

Plus, how many drivers/mechanics actively seek to nefariously exploit a one particular vehicle model's flaws on a daily basis?
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