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05 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
Long black screen on UAC popups and system startup

Hello there. I have an HP dv9700 notebook, which about an year ago began having serious screen problems. It went black and nothing made it come back, even though Windows still booted (sounds came up and everything).

After almost an year repairing, and 3 Intel motherboards later, the technician found out the problem was on the dedicated graphics card memory, and put an AMD motherboard on my notebook which didn't have dedicated graphics memory anymore.

So now my notebook is recogniozed by HP automatic product detection as a dv9010us one. Plus, my graphics card is now shown as a GeForce Go 6150 (I bought it as a GeForce 6800 GS).

Well, I installed Windows 7 Professional on it, and as soon as I downloaded the first batch of updates (and the graphics card one got updated as well so I went to the native screen resolution), I got a small bugging thing: everytime UAC gets called upon, the quick black screen that appears before the popup asking if you'll block the application or not actually becomes a really long one on my notebook. It takes about 5 to 7 seconds to come back to the regular screen, before and after the popup appears.

That thing also happens, for example, after I type my user password on the Windows welcome screen. I hear the welcome sound, but the screen is still black for some 5 seconds until my desktop appears.

It might not be a huge problem, but it really bugs the hell outta me waiting those seconds everytime UAC pops up. And let's face it, it does quite a big while, especially when the system is new and you gotta install lots of programs.

I sincerely have no idea what that's about, since I use Windows 7 on another notebook and a desktop with Intel graphics cards, and noticed no problems with it. The black screen on both devices are pretty quick (less than a second long).

I have tried finding out drivers for that graphics card, or trying automatic detections, but nothing ever worked. Windows says my current drivers are the latest ones, so I have to appeal to you guys knowledge to help me out here.

Thanks a lot!!!
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