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07 Mar 2010  

Dual boot problem???

W7 x64 installed already. I followed tutorial for installing XP Pro on second partition. I renamed it XP , etc etc. But when I select advanced options, the formated ntfs Partition I prepared has a letter assigned and I cannot change it. Of course, W7 shows up in choices as C:\ drive even if I could change the partition letter. What did I do wrong? I do have other drives, but evebn if they were not there, win 7 still would show up as the C: drive. Does the xp part have to be D: when installed? That doesn't sem right. D: or I:, why should it matter? Is w7 suppose to be in the parts listed? I am pulling my hair out here.
BTW-the other 2 SATA drives I have installed are hard to get at. I didn't think I would need to remove/disconnect them? If that is the cause?
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