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11 Mar 2010  

Windows 7
Quirky desktop behavior

I don't really know how to accurately describe the problem so forgive me if this problem is covered somewhere in the forum.

After a repair install of Win7, I have to go through some quirky behavior to open a program. Here's my attempt to describe the problem:

If I click on an icon in the quick launch window at the bottom of my desktop, the selected program appears on my desktop, say Control Panel or Libraries, but once I move my cursor out of the quick launch area, the program minimizes to the quick launch area. However, if I hold my left mouse button down and move up to the program, I can make a selection without the program minimizing to the quick launch area. Any suggestions on what is causing this and to to work around it? I also have the same problem in the bottom right of my desktop in the hide notifications area (or what's running).
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