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12 Mar 2010  


That is good news, Mirtzie!
(is it Mirtzie or mitzie, not that it is important or anything, just wondering?)

Please check to verify if these are indeed your computers?

oneTwo M D6020 UK | Packard Bell

Equium A200-1V0 - Product Specifications - Toshiba

If so both are wireless and the Toshiba is wired, which is good for you. It is especially important, should you ever need to update the firmware of the router, that you be connected by wire. Otherwise, it is easier to make changes in the router if you are connected by wire, so can you connect the Toshiba to the router with a network cable?

Next: Wireless technology continues to be updated. The current popular standard is "G", the next generation of wireless standards is "N". Your router and desktop are both "N", the Toshiba is "G". I have read that mixing "G" and "N" can sometimes cause problems, so we will need to remember that when we get to that point. Your possible options are to use the "G" standard for all your devices. I do not think you would notice any performance loss? Or you might consider your next purchase to be a Wireless "N" adapter for the Toshiba, allowing for all to use "N". I would suggest for you to look to see if Toshiba offers a "N" adapter for your model. Replacing the internal (built-in module) is not hard in many cases. I will also look to see if it can be done. Other choices might be an add-on card or usb modem.

If you can connect the router and Toshiba with a cable, I want you to log in to the router (have you done this already?). You will open a browser, example: IE or FireFox, and type: into the web address bar. A log-in screen will appear, and if you have not already changed the user name and password, leave the name blank and type the password: admin Feel free to look around, click all of the tabs to see what is there.

Please let me know if you are able to get this far?

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