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06 Apr 2009  

windows 7 HP 64bit
why is W7 networking so different (in a bad way) to XP

Right. First off i admit to not knowing a lot about networks but im sure this isnt right.
I have a wired network at home and on it i have a Popcornhour media streamer.
With XP as soon as the OS has loaded i can go to the Network browser on the PCH and it sees my work group and the PC and i can access my shared folders.
Same thing the other way around. If the PCH needs a re boot its all up and running agin within a min or so.
With W7 7068 i have to wait anything up to half hour before my PCH can see my work group.
Same router, static IP addresses and DHCP server turned off.

Any ideas guys? please keep it simple.

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