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13 Mar 2010  

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

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Hi all.
ok i installed windows 7 quite some time ago, like around december last year.
everything was fine until recently when i was playing nba2k10 then suddenly the game hanged and after around 10 secs, this message appeared:

i thought it was nothing serious so i continued playing the game. However, after that, the message appeared more frequently even when im not playing any games. this problem only happened recently (around ending of February).

So, the problem got more serious and serious where my laptop would hang for around 5 to 10 secs then the message above will appear.

Somestimes the message will appear like around 10 times in 15mins.
Sometimes 1 time in an hour. And if the message appear too frequently then my laptop would juz hang for no reason or sometimes there will be the BSOD.

Today is the worst day where there have aleady been like around 4 BSOD. The only way i know how to solve this is to disable my graphics driver. However if i do that then i wouldnt be able to play any games.

Anyone have the same problem as me or know how to solve this can help me please =)

Btw im using Fujitsu S6420, 32-bit Win 7 Professional. Graphics driver is S3 Graphics Chrome 430 ULP.

Thank you.
Its probably the graphics driver. Uninstall and DL and install a new copy.

We could really use the DMP file. Use these to find and upload it to us.

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