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14 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bits

Hi Barefoot,

I sorted it out and managed to make the system Restore Points working but now it is again going wrong, back to its starting point. History of what I did:

- First I freed 30Gb HDD space and did an upgrade/repair of win 7 but I got no results except that I was able to make a larger number of restore points. The system kept deleting them at each reboot as usual.

- In a second attempt I made 61GB free by removing files, pictures and music, no applications. I did an upgrade/repair of Win 7 and success: the system kept the restore points as it should. I played with the maximum allocated space, set it to 25Gb from unbounded. When it reached the max allocated it deleted correctly the oldest restore points adapting the capacity to the max usage. It did that a couple of times. In the event log it's traced with volsnap id 33. I played a while with reboots, creating restore points manually and also some with windows updates. I managed to create 31 restore points of which +/- 23 restore points were kept in the shadow space when suddenly during a reboot all restore points dissapeared the shadowstorage area got deleted. In the event log appears the classic volsnap errors 25 end 27. The fault occurs at the reboot not during the actual run and it doesn't always depend on a reclaim of space when the shadow space bounderies are reached. When it happened there was plenty of space free, on the HDD, around 35GB. The shadow max allocated usage didn't change, still 25GB.

- I tried to make it work again but no way, the shadow space keeps deleting at each reboot with the volsnap event ids 25 and 27 in the system event log. There is 58Gb free space now

Perhaps I should reinstall windows 7 ? What can I do else to repair the system restore points process. Any suggestion is welcome.

I send you in attachment the event log extracts of yesterday and today so you can easily trace the volsnap messages.

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