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16 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
What is wrong with this pc NOW?

I was on a computer game and when I got off the resolution was huge. No big deal, it happens sometimes and it's nothing that a reboot doesn't fix UP UNTIL NOW. So I reboot the pc, but it comes back the same way. Plus my anti-virus is off (it does that sometimes too) but I can't put it back on. I can't click to turn it back on. I was able to click it to turn on a few times, but it immediantely turns back off. So then I decide to do a system restore. That doesn't help and when it comes back it tells me that there is some error (bluescreen) and it reboots up in safe mode. I reboot and then undo my system restore. I have to manually put my resolution back the way I like, screen size, etc., but I don't have as many options for resolution size anymore. I check the display adapter and it says that it's working fine. I check for driver updates anyway. None. I have no idea what to do about my virus protection except uninstall and redownload.

Thoughts or ideas?

By the way, my monitor has been failing for awhile now. It's on its way out. I should tell you also that I messed around in processes and turned off some things (only processes that I'm running, not windows) becuz I hear it frees up RAM for the game. I also recently got a new psu, video card and motherboard. They are about a month old.

Any ideas?
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