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17 Mar 2010  

Game Developers Conference 2010 - Now Feat. PSWii + PSW

Sony's conference is over.

- Sony's motion controller is called Playstation Move.
- Use the existing PS3 Eye in collaboration to the wand controller will launch @ under $100.00
- Additional controller component that looks like a nunchuk.
- demo games look like Wii Sports HD

So he PS3 has taken the only thing that really made the Wii worth while (hardware wize)..

That is just so ridiculous. I can't help but feel that Sony is playing catch up to a trend that is already past it's peak. This is bringing the Wii to the PS3 fanboy who refuses to buy another console.

Sony Designer: Here it is! Our superior motion controller.

Sony Exec: But it looks just like a Wii controller. Won't we get sued?

Sony Designer: No way. You see it's black.

Sony Exec: Ah... Brilliant!
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