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Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (clean install 8/05/2015)
Recycle Bin - Pin to Taskbar

How to Pin the Recycle Bin to the Windows 7 Taskbar

information   Information
The Recycle Bin provides a safety net when deleting files or folders. When you delete any of these items from your hard disk, Windows places it in the Recycle Bin and the Recycle Bin icon changes from empty to full.

This will show you how to create a Recycle Bin shortcut with Empty Recycle Bin in the context menu, and how to pin this shortcut to the taskbar as a toolbar.

Note   Note
Removable drives do not use or have a Recycyle Bin. Files deleted from removable drives are permanently deleted instead.

EXAMPLE: Recycle Bin Unpinned and Pinned from the Taskbar
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Here's How:
1. Make sure the Recycle Bin is on the desktop.
Name:  Recycle Bin on desktop.PNG
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2. Right click on the desktop and select New and Folder , then rename it anything you like. (i.e. Trash Bin)
Name:  New Folder on desktop.PNG
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3. Drag & drop the Recycle Bin on the new Folder to create a shortcut.
NOTE: You could also Pin to Start Menu this new Recycle Bin shortcut by pressing and holding Shift, then right click on the shortcut, and click on Pin to Start Menu.
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4. Save the new Folder (containing Recycle Bin shortcut) to the directory of your choice (i.e. C:\Trash Bin) by dragging and dropping.
5. UnLock the taskbar.

6. Right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbar and New toolbar...
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7. Navigate to the location you saved the New Folder (Ex: Trash Bin), select it and click on the Select Folder button.
8. This places the new Toolbar and a Separator (dotted lines) on the taskbar.
Name:  New Toolbar and Separator.PNG
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9. Right click on the Separator and uncheck Show Text and Show Title.
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10. Right click on the Separator and select View and Large Icons.
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11. You now have the Recycle Bin pinned to the taskbar.
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12. To Keep the Recycle Bin on Right Side of Taskbar
A) Left click on the Separator to the left of the folder and hold, then drag it to the left and right to make any adjustments to how you want the Recycle Bin positioned on the right side of the taskbar. (See screenshot above)

B) Release the left click when done.

C) Go to step 14.
13. To Have the Recycle Bin on Left Side of Taskbar
A) Left click on the Separator of the pinned taskbar programs on the far left side and hold, then drag it to the right past the Recycle Bin and release. (See screenshot below)
B) Left click on the Separator of the pinned taskbar programs on the now right side and hold, then drag it to the left next to the Recycle Bin and release. (See screenshot below)
14. Lock the taskbar.

15. Remove the Recycle Bin from the desktop.

Note   Note
You do know that when you drag & drop copied shortcuts from the Start Menu in with the Recycle Bin shortcut, that those automatically become Quick Launch items beside the Recycle Bin. By doing it that way you can "kill two birds with one stone".(See screenshot below)
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