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20 Mar 2010  

Windows 7

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply!

Updated some of my system specs in my profile.. Haven't tested in windows safe mode yet, will do that after submitting this reply.
I've configured the Bravia TV as first monitor. That's also where the taskbar appears. Works fine with a second monitor, but doesn't seem to work on its own..
Updated the nvidia drivers, motherboard and graphics drivers.

update: I can only go into safe mode with my VGA monitor, my HDMI doesn't get a signal before windows starts.

Can you please just confirm something for me; your Sony Bravia TV is connected via HDMI and your secondary monitor is connected via VGA?

Please will you answer these questions and try out anything you have not already tried.

You CAN go into safe mode using both monitors, correct?
Do you mean in Safe Mode nothing is displayed at all on the secondary monitor?
Before the login screen appears, assuming you have both monitors plugged in, which one(s) displays everything?

Have you checked in the BIOS (usually accessed by pressing F8 or Delete during the boot sequence) to see what it says about your displays? Make sure that VGA is set to primary or something equivalent to that. If this doesn't work try temporarily disabling HDMI in the BIOS if at all possible; or in fact try disabling VGA and see what happens.

Good luck.


Bravia is connected with HDMI and the secondary monitor with VGA, correct. Before windows starts, the VGA monitor displays everything.

I can only go in safe mode on my VGA monitor. When I boot with only my HDMI tv, It stays black.
In the BIOS there's no option for graphic settings, only something about HDMI sound. So I cannot turn VGA or HDMI off...

Thanks so far,
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