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22 Mar 2010  

windows 7
Need Pro, Partition problems!

So this is the deal, i bought my pc from future shop with vista half installed, i got home turned it on it finished the install.. no cd's were given to me. Then i got windows 7, i installed it on the partition that was already on my hard drive with nothing on it. So, my C: had Vista on it, and i just installed 7 on D: I don't use Vista at all as it's garbage, so i want to format the c: to get all the space i can, but no matter which way i try, it won't let me. All i've seen thus far on the internet is something to the effect of gettin an XP disk and booting from that, then formatting the c: from there, then afterwards, would be something to the effect or finding a boot.ini file and changing something? i don't know, i'm pretty noobish when it comes down to it. Plz don't scald me but help would be nice Thanks in advance.
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