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23 Mar 2010  


ok, thank you. a few more questions.

1. I plan on re-formatting the drive to clear it of everything. Once that is completed, how can I delete the partition and move the 14GB to one of the other partitions? or will that happen automatically?

2. Once I did the clean install of Windows 7 Pro and installed a few key programs, I made an ISO file of my system and saved it to another empty partition. Is that my new recovery? If something goes wrong with Windows 7, I can use my system image file to reset my system, correct?

3. Since I made an ISO file after installing windows 7, do I need to keep my original windows 7 installation files? I chose to download my Windows 7 and not purchase the product in store. Therefore I don't have any backup CDs. Then I copied the files to my USB stick and ran the clean windows 7 pro install from my USB. My question: since I've made a disk image already, do I need to keep my original windows 7 installation files or not? I would like to clear them from my USB stick. Is that recommended or not? Should I always have a backup of my windows 7 installation files on hand? I used macrium reflect disk imaging and backup.

I think I've become confused. Thanks for your help so far.
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