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23 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1

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No i haven't tried formatting it with the win7 cd, Would that leave me with tha same outcome you've described with Bootmanager? As for wiping vista and installing win7 on the c: (which i would really like to do) I assume one would simply put the win 7 cd in through windows, and install it again on the c: ? If that's the case, will it just automatically overwrite vista? Will i have the choice to boot from 2 different windows 7's? I apologize for my ignorance in advance.
yes thats it, what i would personally do if i were doing this, is use the win 7 disk to delete the vista partition and then install 7 onto the now unpartitioned space, this will create a system reserved partition for your boot files, or you can format the partition rather than deleting it, which will result in your boot files being stored on the same partition, either way is fine, but bear in mind that if you choose to create the system reserved partition you will hit your maximum of 4 primary partitions on 1 disk

If you simply try to install over the top of vista you will end up with all your vista stuff in a windows.old folder (im assuming as you want to format it that there is nothing important there)

what should happen is windows will create new bootmanager files which may or may not hold boot files for the current windows 7 installation on D (im sorry i actually dont know, i would guess they wont because it wont figure it needs to reinstall them without a startup repair) but will definitely allow you to boot the new installation on C

either way D will be readable by the C installation, so you then transfer the important files over to C (personal data like downloads, pictures, music anything you dont want to lose basically just not windows stuff or installed programs) and then format D, and reintegrate it into the C drive

If it turns out that the D installation is automatically included in the new bootmanager, you will get a dual boot windows saying "windows 7 and windows 7" in which case the top one will be the last one you installed (presuably the one on C) you will then have to delete it from the boot menu using msconfig (just type it into the start menu, then delete the entry from the boot tab) if it isnt this isnt a problem and it won't miss it once its gone

as ever backups are recommended as this stuff occasionally fails (but not often)

I hope thats clear enough for you, any other questions let me know
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