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23 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
What after a 8800GT?

Hello everybody,

Even though I am pretty glad of my GPU I just cannot continue to think that I have any chance to run all the new games that are becoming available with a 2 and half years old 8800GT, don't you agree?
Today I manage to run Crysis and Battlefield in high/ultra high and get between 20 and 40fps (avg = ~28fps). Although AvP runs as well and almost every games I have which are not old at all (85C is not dangerous for a graphic card, forget what you have learned since today). But (there's always a 'but') good times is finished and Metro2033 has just killed my poor video card with a headshot saying "I got you this time!" ... It made me come to the conclusion that I had to change the GPU as quickly as possible.

(end of the introduction)

Now I will do it in speed mode:

PSU: only 450W (but quality hardware), don't want to change if possible
Usefulness: no hardcore gaming, just amusement and to make ALL the newest softs running with at least 30fps.
Money: that's the main problem in fact... The student standard of living is pretty low, every-one knows it! < 150 (~210$ I think).

Heard about 5770, 5850 (!), 5870 (!) and GTX260, 275 (!), 280 (!) also read many threads (included on this forum) but I would like to find THE agreement between price and quality.
Wheither O/C is possible to get better performance I say +1000 (it's always a pleasure for me ^^).
Dx10 ~ Dx11, just don't care of a ridiculous difference in the 2541th pixel 150m behind me (joke inside).
I can barely wait but if you tell me that Nvidia is gonna release the best middle-end card ever for 150 in 3 months I say YES!

That's all folks! A big thanks to any helper
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