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24 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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As I said I have strictly no problem with it but to be skeptical about the future performance.
Of course I have always the latest drivers for my GPU (Win7 installs it by its own).

You just cannot tell me that you manage to run Crysis with all effects enabled in ultra high at an average of 40 or even 30fps with your 8800GT, if so I eat my hat!
What I mean is that today there is no chance for us to run correctly the newest games, that's for sure.

The question is: what after? The answer is far from being obvious, should I wait and see the Dx11 Nvidia next GPU or purchase tomorrow a 5770 or GTS250? It is kind of a 'cornellian problematic' isn't it?
Crysis and GTA IV brings every card to their knees. There still isn't a card out there that can comfortably run the said two maxed out.

According to these bench results no card gets 40 fps.

Even multi GPUs stuggle.

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