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24 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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These threads always get crazy but for 200.00 US the gtx 260 isn't a bad choice. Although not future proof. fabe
Anyone to purchase a GTX260 (+ a 8000W PSU btw) in the USA and send it to me by plane?
In France the average price of a GTX260 is closer to 200€ than 150€, moreover looks like this GPU has to be very very well built in order to run at a 'normal' heat level when in overload mode, that means adding a good fan or buy a too much expensive version of it which, in any case, won't work with a 450W PSU.

Crysis and GTA IV brings every card to their knees. There still isn't a card out there that can comfortably run the said two maxed out.

According to these bench results no card gets 40 fps.

Even multi GPUs stuggle.

I am quite shocked of what I have seen through this link, please give me a minute Without any AA do these cards multiply by 2 the number of FPS? If they don't I keep my 8800GT for the rest of my life!
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