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29 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64x
dual screens with different resolution

I have windows 7 ultimate 64x with 2 screens. Is it possible to set each screen t o have its own display resolution when they are Mirrored? The screens are not the same and (one is a basic dell flat screen, and one is my hd 52" tv) and i prefer not to use the extend screen choice, but i rather would like to just mirror them but have 800x600 on one, and 1024x768 on the other (just for example). When i watch dvd movies, the entire hd tv is not using the full screen and only shows as a sqware instead of wide screen. I use to have this working before, but not sure how i did it, and i just reinstalled windows 7.

Possible?, and how (i could not see how to do this)?
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