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29 Mar 2010  

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

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So I’ve been getting ALOT of crashes for a long time now (couple of months).I’ve not been able to notice similarities in the crashes, other than they only seem to happen in games. I would get crashes every few minutes for days on end, then none at all for a week or so, and this has been going on for a while.

It’s probably something simple, or not. Anyway the different messages hopefully mean something.


Blue screen error messages <- had it set to show them and then wrote what they said down but kind of gave up with that after a few. If it’s needed, will start again (if I need to give more info, do tell what you need from the even viewer/dump files or whatever)

<insert program name here>.exe has stopped working <- get this the most (don’t know if that’s just the game crashing though) <- apparently that is linked to me using the aero themes, although still causes game to crash and have had it when using windows basic theme <- received that twice that I can think of, not in a while but thought I would include if it’s relevant <- also only received it a few times, but yeah <- only received a few times, think it was tied to the “power” one <- today I thought I would install a random new game, see how that goes and this was the result


Ram: 4 GB ram <- donno what make, ram is a bit old
CPU: AMD Athlon 6400+
PSU: X-Power 700w
Sound card: some PCI card, was getting same errors before I got this though, before that had an onboard
Mobo: don’t know, came with the pc :<
Graphics card: ATI HD 5850
OS: Windows 7 64-bit


I’ve tried all the “basic” things. Also please tell me if I need to provide more attached files or what not, just point me in the right direction if it’s not too much hassle.

I’ve tried different ram of the same type (from brothers pc) and gotten a friend to try his, which was some new ram (sorry I can’t think of the name) but neither changed anything. I’ve also tried two graphics cards (nvidia 8800 gts 512mb, ati 4870 hd)


I read some topic which said to include the files in the minidump folder, so she be attached.

This crash was caused by cmudax3.sys which is part of your C Media app. I would un-install it to test

If you decide to keep it you will need to download and install a fresh copy of the driver.

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