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31 Mar 2010  

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Deactivating Radeon HD3200 on my Notebook

Hi everyone,

i've recently installed Win7 Ultimate (x64) on my ASUS-Laptop (M51Ta). Have to say, much much better than my old Vista (which eventually succeded in completely crippling my system)

There is just on little snag - i can't seem to get my ATI Radeon Mobility HD3650 to work as my primary GPU when i connect to my external monitor.

Windows shows both devices, the integrated HD3200 and the HD3650 as working and active, but i cant switch between the two of them.

With just my laptop monitor, i can work around this problem by deactivating the display that uses the HD3200 (Windows creates a seperate display für each GPU)

However, when i connect to the external monitor, it uses the HD3200 instead of the HD3650. When i try to deactivate the display using the HD3200/switch to the HD3650, the screen just goes dark.

When i try to deactivate the HD3200, it seems to work, until i restart my laptop - then it seems to be using the standard VGA drivers (altough it still has both of my GPUs as working and correctly installed in the device manager).

Any Ideas what is going on here?
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