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10 Apr 2009  

Windows 7

I have used Alt-F, Enter, Enter in Windows Explorer for years to create a new folder. Now in Windows 7, "new" is no longer in the top position upon striking Alt-F, having been replaced by "Share with", so now my routine will need to be Alt-F, Down arrow, Enter, Enter. That's unfortunate in two ways: first, it's an extra keystroke, and second, I'm using other machines with other versions of Windows, so it's confusing. Would it be too much to ask to be able to configure the order of those functions, so I can get "New" back to the top? Not to rain on your parade, but I can't imagine needing "Share with" frequently enough to memorize a keystroke combo for it, after all, there's an icon on the toolbar for it, and I might only use it 2 or three times a year.
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