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31 Mar 2010  

Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. SP1.
Is Windows 7 Secure and does it matter anyway?

Recently there have been several stories about security scares, as reported on this site by Robert and our other Robert. The first of these is the report that hackers at a recent conference used IE8 to hack Windows 7 in two minutes (they also used Firefox and Chrome for the same task in the same amount of time). The latter being a decidedly dodgy report, as Robert said, about the extra security removing administrator rights on Windows offers users. This was original reported by a company, as Robert pointed out, that provides software that does just thatÖ no wonder really.

But Iím gonna go out on a limb here and ask a question that I believe really needs to be answered. "Do we really care if Windows 7 is insecure or not?Ē No, Iíve not lost control of my senses so please read the rest of this article before flaming me.
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Is Windows 7 Secure and does it matter anyway? | Windows 7 News
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