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02 Apr 2010  

Win7 - Ideally
Win7 Clean Install - Graphics Not Responding

I've been running Vista for the last year now on this new system, without any significant problems.

Recently I have decided to upgrade to Win7, however have hit a problem.
(clean install, formatted hdd)

I am able to install Win7 to a point, that is all the files copy properly, and the basic setup completes. When it attempts to reset itself to complete "in windows" install features, its fails. The fancy windows 7 swirling colors boot up completes, the windows logo glows brightly, then my graphics cards start screaming at me (the fan jumps to ~100% speed) and the monitor enters power saving mode. I have tried reinstalling windows, and had the same problem. (sometimes it seems that the monitor just displays alternating blue lines)

When starting in safe-mode (as it gives me the choice due to the incorrect shutdown) it boots up ok into windows, however gives me the error 'you can not setup windows in safe mode'.

I'm running 2x Radeon 4850 HD's on a gigabye X48T-DQ6 motherboard.

I can only assume that the graphics cards work, as about 3 hours ago, they were ok with Vista, and a friend running an identical rig has it running perfectly on Win7, so they're compatible.

Any ideas? =/

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