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03 Apr 2010  
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This is more of a double check for my peace of mind than a question.
Here is my situation:
Currently I have two separate hard drives. One has windows and all programs on it, and the other all of my data such as music/videos etc.
I will be buying a new SSD drive. The one hard drive with the current Windows and all the programs will get formatted and sold, and I will be keeping the other which will contain all of data.
My question is : If I install fresh windows 7 64-bit on the SSD, and then plug in my current hard drives with all the data on them, will windows recognize it normally and will I be able to continue to use it like I am now ?
There is only pure data on it, like pictures and songs, no installations of any software.
My apologies if the question is slightly dumb, I have no experience in doing this, therefore asking here :-)
Thank you very much in advance!
Simple answer: Yes
Advanced answer: Indubitably

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