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03 Apr 2010  
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A couple of suggestions.

1. Unplug the HDD when you install Win7 on the SSD. Reason: if your HDD is on mobo port0. your MBR may end up on the HDD.
2 Once Win7 is installed, you have 2 options regarding your data on the HDD.
a) You can right click on the highest level folder of each subject (Pictures, Documents, Music, etc.) and "include in library". That will create a new library entry for that folder (structure). This is the easiest way.
b) You can treat the HDD as a data partition and move your folders to there. Instructions are in this tutorial. This is a little more involved but has the advantage that you do not have multiple Pictures, Documents, etc. folders and if e.g. you click on the folder buttons in the right pane of the start menu, you are directed to those folders. Once you have those folders on the HDD, you can move your data into them from their current location on the HDD.
Caution: Before you move a folder, make sure you defined a receiving folder on the HDD. DO NOT move to the HDD partition. You would get the partition as folder address and that is a minor mess.
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