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07 Apr 2010  

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Is spam a dilemma, phenomenon, or both?

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Is spam a dilemma, phenomenon, or both? | IT Security |

I do not know anyone that likes spam. Yet, nine out of every ten emails are spam-related. If it’s not cost-effective, wouldn’t spammers stop?
The fact that spam exists eludes me. First, how can you trust unsolicited email advertising questionable products (you know the kind)? Next, despite our disdain, spam must work. Otherwise, advertisers wouldn’t be using it. In trying to figure this out, I came across the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG).Last year, MAAWG published a report about email abuse. The paper is packed full of useful information. The 2010 Email Security Awareness and Usage Report is this year’s equivalent. It’s impressive, providing what I would consider an in-depth look at how users view spam. Check out what MAAWG is trying to accomplish with this survey:
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