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07 Apr 2010  
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The fluctuation could also be caused by Cool and Quiet, which I'm pretty sure is enabled by default on most if not all Asus motherboards. As for it reading higher than the specs for the CPU say, Asus boards are well known for overvolting the CPU when the vcore setting is left on auto.

To give one example of how it overvolts the CPU, I had it happen to me with my current motherboard and a x2 7750 (according to spec is 1.05-1.325V, range to account for CnQ). With the vcore set to auto, both in the bios and any monitoring software it showed as running at around 1.43V or so, a far cry from the 1.325V the spec says. I had to manually set it to get it to run at the proper volts. Once I did that the bios and monitoring software showed the proper values, and an added bonus it dropped something like 7-8C from the idle and load temps.
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