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07 Apr 2010  

firewire audio device cuts out randomly

well, not randomly. after a certain amount of playback in itunes, the audio stops. the music stops playing, although the play button is still pressed, the time slider will not advance. i have searched around and not seen anyone describing a similar issue, so i decided it was time to post. my system is as follows:

\\ q9450/p5n72-T prem/8 gb ddr2 1066/8800gts g92 512 x2/trupower1000/wd raptor OS hdd

my audio device is an external firewire box from focusrite called the saffire. this is the original saffire, not the LE.
I am using the power supply.

I have previously followed instructions on focusrite's website for optimizing audio in vista, and made most of the appropriate adjustments, including setting the firewire driver for my computer to legacy. the problem persists. it has not always done this, only within the past 6 months or so. the only way to fix the problem is to open the saffire ASIO buffer utility and changing the ASIO buffer size. I have tried every single combination of buffer settings that this dialog offers, and none of them seem to fix the problem.
good audio lasts longer when firefox/chrome is not open.

anyone seen this before? it is annoying, i'd rather not have to adjust latency every 5-10 minutes.
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