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07 Apr 2010  


thanks for getting back to me, dude. i thought it might have been an itunes problem, but it also happens in windows media player. this is more of a work computer, and it seems that anytime i strain the processor even slightly when playing back media, this happens. i like to work AND listen to music though, and like i said, most times its not even intense software causing the problem, it's my web browser. it seems almost as if it's losing the connection, but the problem is fixed by adjusting the latency, so i'm guessing it's the firewire. someone on the focusrite faq mentioned that at times, pci bus latency can be an issue, and they offered some software to adjust this, however this software is not supported by windows 7 at all, not even in compatibility modes.

oh, and also, when this happens, if i click my sound icon, it shows the green bar (audio level) to be not at zero, but somewhere up the slider, and stuck there, not moving. if there is any other info that i'm forgetting that might help you (or anyone else) to see the problem, let me know. also, i'm going to check if these new windows 7 drivers are available for my older unit.
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