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10 Apr 2010  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit


Thou shallt sweat it not. Everything is OK.

You have encounterd a "Junction Point" or link as Microsoft likes to call them.
I prefer to refer to them as a "forwarding address".

Microsoft moved where somethings are kept. To accommodate older software then they use Junction points.

Documents & Settings is going to point to %systemdrive%\Users

If you run cmd.exe, then you can run dir /al and see this link.

I'm pasting in a clip from my toshiba:
C:\>dir /al
Volume in drive C is ToshibaC
Volume Serial Number is 14F5-F34B

Directory of C:\

13-Jul-09 21:53 <JUNCTION> Documents and Settings [c:\Users]
0 File(s) 0 bytes
1 Dir(s) 30,083,604,480 bytes free

Oh yes, to see all of them go to %systemdrive% and enter
dir /al /s

the /s tells dos to recurse thru your subdirectories.
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