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11 Apr 2010  

Windows 7 64 bit
HELP REQUIRED PLEASE!! WIN 7 64 bit system

Hi, I have basically taken the plunge and opted to buy a windows 7 64 bit system in order that i can speed up my work-flow, prior to this i was using an extremely reliable, Compaq presario R4000 laptop. 3.06 mhz single core with 1gb ram.

That thing has been great and still runs really well, it runs windows XP home like a dream and have no issues.

OK here is the deal...... new PC arrives and after a short while after connecting, etc, just constantly crashes with page file errors, memory management errors, BSOD about every 20 mins, i have been browsing all over the place but have come across nothing that seems to solve the issue.

Windows seems to be detecting the 8GB of RAM and knows that it is there, i have done some memory testing and all seems well with it.

I did a full wipe of the hard drive and reinstalled windows, then booted up with just 2 GB of RAM installed, this seemed to work and the system appeared stable for bout 2-3 hours but then crashed again with memory management BSOD.

I really cant figure out what is going on with the thing, its now got to the point where as soon as windows finishes starting up and the main screen appears, it just shuts down with BSOD straight away and therefore I cant get in to change anything to do with the drivers or settings, there are literally hundreds of posts all suggesting different things so i could do with some very specific step by step instructions to get this thing going.

I am a bit of an amateur in these things as my laptop has always just run fine and never needed any of this stuff sorting out.

Here is what is installed:

ASUS m3n72-d motherboard with sli chipset.
AMD am3 quad core 11.2 ghz
8gb ddr2 6400 800mhz RAM 4x2
ATI 5770 HD radeon graphics
1TB sata HDD
4 port 1394 firewire PCI card
PS2 keyboard microsoft
keysonic 2.4ghz wireless dongle and keyboard
DVD rw drive
External DVD rw HP 1040 lightscribe device

I am currently in the BIOS as it seems safer, this time when i booted it said that overclocking had failed and that i should adjust the BIOS for the system.....

Please, please help, so far 56 hours of trying to find answers and nothing works!

Thanks Guys
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