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11 Apr 2010  

windows 7
is it possible to hook on touch events?

Hi Everyone

Does anyonew has an idea how to hook for touch events? something like lowlevelmousehook.... That i can catch touch event all over the screen AND disable them..

since i want to stop some of them fromhappening, i cannot just read from the HID...

I'm trying to add the touch part to my own magnifier app. The magnifier api, as supplied by microsoft, does not support the touch part, hence - if i touch the magnifier window (when it is in "lens" mode") in order to ... clock a button for example, the button will not click, instead, whatever is lying beneath there is clicked. So - i handled the mouse events by using lowlevelmousehook, but.. this does not apply for touch events. for example- it is not work on mspaint...

I trying to register my host window, and the magnifier window, and even its child window (that is created by microsoft api) to become touch windows, but they do not get the touch messages... Probably because they are transparent(but not for sure).. so i cannot really catch WM_TOUCH... and i really don't want to set a global windows hook for catching touch in all applications....

any advise anyone?

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