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13 Apr 2010  

Jedi Knight (Dark Forces 2) on Win7x64

Alright guys...I went legit, no hacking/cracking/dling. I bought the Jedi Knight pack through Steam for some awesome retro gaming fun. Only, it's not so fun...EVERYTHING installed, video played, nice and easy, until you get to the actual in-game experience.

Then you get this:

Ew. Believe me, I went through every possible configuration in the in-game menu for Display. The ONLY thing that made it stop was disabling 3D acceleration...which caused everything to be shaded by either red, green, white, or pink pixels. I'll s/n that if that description was confusing.

Through ATI CCC I disabled, then enabled, then tried a mix of, the 3d settings, such as anti-aliasing, vertical sync, etc. While running the game I Alt+Tabbed over to CCC and the center was adjusting settings each time I tabbed out of the game, so I presume that the game caused a change in setting no matter what I set through CCC.

I also tried running compatibility modes, but since this is done through steam it either A) tries to change steam.exe to compatibility mode, which Steam won't do, or B) causes steam, which launches with it, to crash when I compat the JK.exe to compatability mode within Steam>data>steamapps>Jedi Knight

Help?! Any suggestions/ideas/lamentations?

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