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14 Apr 2009  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

My big problem with all of these is why on Earth would the product key be deliberately hidden since until RC the Beta keys will all continue to work.

Why also hide expiration date

If you want people to believe in the Genuine Provenance of the build then images shouldn't be tampered with in any way.

As a free lance photograrpher (amongst other duties) I understand that "A little Photoshopping goes an extremely long way".

I think the community could have got a lot more interested if this build had been labelled 7095 for example -- especially on some other sites build 7100 seems to be the actual RC.

Of course all things are possible but why Microsoft would introduce a LATER (presumably more advanced build) into CHINA before testing in the WEST I have no idea.

Of course China is a huge market and most certainly can't be ignored but as for general levels of "Computer Literacy" amongst the general population who don't come into contact daily with Western companies the standard is still fairly (albeit increasing) low.

(Please don't infer I'm slagging off the Chinese here -- I'm certainly not --been to Shanghai and Hong Kong few times and am very impressed - but Shanghai and Hong Kong are not typical China)

Any decent leak is likely to come from places like Russia if past experience is anything to go by.

Incidentally Ollie007 is correct in that build 7077 expires on 2/03/2010 and the water mark is shorter now --just says evaluation copy. Build 7077 on the bottom line. No build date time string.

He's wrong in the interpretation (assuming he's set the LOCALE correctly). European dates are DD/MM/YY not that American abomination and confusing format of MM/DD/YY. -- Even YY/MM/DD would make more sense but MM/DD/YY (WTF). That format is of totally no use to man nor beast.

I'm sure anybody still running a EUROPEAN version of Build 7000 will confirm the expiry date is in DD/MM/YY format (or it would have already expired).

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