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15 Apr 2010  

XP Pro SP3 X86 / Win7 Pro X86

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The icons themselves are in c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll

If you're looking for a way to extract them and use them for other purposes (eg. websites) you will need a 3rd party tool such as ... IconsExtract which will let you save the icons from all of the windows DLLs as separate ICO files.
For whatever reason those particular icons aren't in c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll they can be found at C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll as Mellon Head pointed out.

Out of curiosity, for future reference, how would you know what files to look in to locate icons and the like?
Well... I absolutely do not suggest you go poking around in the windows system folders without good reason ... But the icon extractor I linked you to will find and save every icon on your system, if you let it....

As for how I would know which files have icons in them... Well that much is in the Windows 7 Software Development Kit's documentation.
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