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16 Apr 2010  

Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit

Back again,

Tested the memory again, with all 4 sticks in it gave 14 errors in just 1 minute.

I took 2 out and the test ran fine for 14 passes with no errors.

Then I put the other 2 in and again no errors.

I only have errors when I have all 4 sticks in the computer.

Btw: 1 of the 4 sticks hasnt got chips on both sides. Just 1. Also, I can't use this stick to run the pc in Dual-Channel mode. Theyre all kingston ddr2 800 though. I think I'll replace the stick anyway to get Dual-Channel mode (for my pc its called ganged or unganged mode).

I think the memory sticks dont like the fourth one. I remember buying it but I asked for exactly the same memory as I bought before. Maybe Kingston makes it differently now?

Looking forward to your reply,

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