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16 Apr 2010  

Windows 7

Thought my dumb actions I wound up with two windows 7 o/s on my machine. I did the best to delete the one I don't want, and machine will no longer boot to that one, however, how do I remove the option to select the os under windows boot manager. I tried the above, but the one I want to remove does not allow me to select delete. Both are listed as Windows 7, one (the one I want to use) is listed as default, and the one I'm trying to get rid of is listed as operating, although its not actually....Any suggestions on what to do to get the one I want to delete from the menu to offer me the delete option??? Any other way to get rid of it short of reformatting my system. There are years worth of information on my various hard drives, and I don't want to lose them, or the myriad of programs I have loaded....
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